Builder & Developer Services

Christison Company has been providing services to builder developers for over 35 years. Our reputation was developed during the early period of this industry. Christison Company Founder and President, Doug Christison, prepared the industry’s first Budget Preparation Guide for Condominium Associations in 1973. He worked with the California Department of Real Estate, as a member of the Department’s Subdivision Advisory Committee, to establish many of the Commissioner’s guidelines which affect Common Interest Developments.

Our company has prepared more budgets than any other firm in Northern California. We have pioneered and developed many of the Department of Real Estate guidelines and standards regarding the management and operations of Common Interest Subdivisions.

Design Phase

  • Assist builder/developer during entitlement phase – appear on-behalf of builder with city/county/state agencies

Application Phase

  • Review CC&R’s, Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation for conformance to design and operational objectives
  • Prepare Operating & Reserve Budgets and submit to California Department of Real Estate to obtain approval
  • Specialize in large scale associations and complex financial planning and administration
  • Prepares range of assessments budgets, cost center budgets for communities containing mixed uses

Corporate Setup Phase

  • Prepare organizational minutes, appointment of builder/developer directors and officers
  • File for corporate tax exemption
  • Obtain Federal Tax Identification Number
  • Obtain required Insurances
  • Establish fiscal controls and banking relationships
  • Prepare Association governance materials
  • Association policies, procedures and rules
  • Prepare required disclosure materials for point of sales
    • Answer lender questionnaires
    • Give welcoming letters and orientation to new owners to begin development of “sense of community”
    • Work with sales staff and principal to identify responsible members of community for future leadership role
    • Provide training and organizational meetings in anticipation of transition and developer/builder releases
    • Select maintenance and service contractors for the Association
    • Appoint other necessary professional services; Accountant/CPA, Insurance Agency, Agent of Service,
    • Association Manager and Attorney

Transition and Guarantee Release Phase – (Close out Phase)

  • Prepare, organize, notify buyers and builder/developer of meetings
  • Review with Nominations and Elections Committee candidates
  • Prepare and distribute candidate information
  • Prepare, distribute and collect ballots
  • Facilitate all board and membership meetings
  • Coordinate with builder/developer’s representatives the transition of maintenance duties to the association
  • Obtain bond/security releases on improvements
  • Obtain assessment bond/security releases

Our skilled staff is also able to provide special analysis and reports should a need arise.