The Christison Story

Originally Christison Company had its roots in the public sector consumer interests of the Common Interest Development industry. Our founder, Douglas B. Christison, was one of the original founders of the Executive Council of Home Owners (ECHO), an organization established in 1973 by volunteer directors of homeowners associations. Mr. Christison was elected as ECHO’s first President and first Executive Director. Later, in 1976, Mr. Christison was appointed by Governor Jerry Brown’s administration to serve on the Department of Real Estate’s (DRE) Subdivision Advisory Committee.

Mr. Christison went on to found Christison Company in January of 1982 to begin providing services to common interest both residential homeowners associations and home builders in Northern California. Since that inception, Christison Company has grown to service other parts of California as well as Arizona. During the last several decades Christison Company has also made a point to support the industry as a whole by continuing to serve ECHO and the Department of Real Estate (DRE). Mr. Christison has served as a co-founder of the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the Community Association Institute (SF-CAI), the California Legislative Action Committee (CLAC) of the Community Associations Institute (CAI), and the California Association of Community Managers (CACM). Also, during his tenure with Christison Company, Mr. Christison participated as State Chair of CLAC, President of SF-CAI, Chief Financial Officer of CACM, National Director of CAI and a trustee of the Community Association Research Foundation. After 44 years of tireless service, Mr. Christison retired from the industry in October of 2017.

At that time his son, Dan Christison, assumed the role of CEO of Christison Company. Dan grew up in this industry and at 14 years old was working on maintenance calls all over the San Francisco Bay area. Other than his college years, and a 10 year career as a Marine Corps Officer, Dan has been in and around the industry for his whole life. He currently holds the following designations: CMCA, AMS, AACM (Arizona), and is on track to receive his PCAM designation in 2020. He also holds a current General Contractor’s license with the Contractor’s State License Board (#1001733). With the same enthusiasm as his father, Dan Christison remains active in ECHO, CAI local and national chapters, CACM, and AACM.